Aerial Videography (Philippines)

AeroEye Asia’s aerial videography works and experience remain unmatched in the Philippines. Many have tried to imitate AeroEye’s signature shots, but without much success.

Aerial Videography rates vary according to a client’s requirements. Depending on the difficulty of the required shots and altitude, we will work in ensuring that you get your money’s worth.

From shooting barges and oil tankers on open seas; landscapes and cityscapes; schools and factories; electric grids and power plants; resorts (El Nido Resorts) and golf courses; time-critical documentation of World Record entries such as human logos (UST Biggest Cross) and gigantic photo mosaics (Tita Cory sa Luneta); establishing shots for Movie Productions, TV Ads (Mitsubishi, Ford Focus), Soap Operas and Beauty Pageants (Miss Earth); aerial coverages of marathons (NatGeo Earth Day), cycling events (BGC Cycle, Alaska Cycle) and triathlons (Ironman, Century Tuna 5150, Safeguard Active 5150, Xterra) and reality show races (Biggest Loser and The Amazing Race US Edition) — we have done it all! WE HAVE THE EXPERIENCE.

Our Aerial Videography package includes the use of our aerial platform, High Definition Video Equipment and RC Pilot and Aerial Director of Photography Fees. As insurance, we always bring a back-up RC helicopter, camera mount and equipment. During the actual shoot, a video downlink is usually provided for live monitoring, framing and composing the shots.

Please do check out our Demo Reel section of this website and visit our Vimeo Channel for more of our sample works.