Ship Shoot

Ship Shoot : Photo and Video Documentation

AeroEye Asia is the most preferred service provider in the Philippines for conducting Maritime Vessel Photo and Video Documentations. No other company comes close to the number of ships that AeroEye has covered. To date, we have shot more than a dozen maritime vessels ranging from Motoring Tankers built by Magsasay Group of Companies,  2Go Travel Passenger Ships (formerly SuperFerry), Fast Crafts manufactured in Cebu, MSC’s container ships and the largest container vessel ever built in Philippine Soil and ranked as 3rd largest in the world, the CMA CGM Antoine de Saint Exupery.

AeroEye Asia has the right equipment to do the job, from our very own speed boat to follow the sail out and shoot aerial photos and videos, a team of cameramen for the interior shots to include everything from the bridge, living quarters, dining area, kitchen, cargo hold and engine room.

AeroEye is the most experienced, the most equipped (drones, speedboat, cameras and PPEs)  and the most prepared to do the job.