UAV Aerial Mapping Solutions / Drone Mapping (Philippines)

WE are THE FIRST in the Philippines!

Contrary to what others claim, AeroEye Asia is the FIRST in the Philippines to successfully conduct Aerial Mapping Operations /Drone Mapping using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), also known as drones and THE FIRST to commercially offer this as a complete outsourced solution.

To date, AeroEye Asia has already executed hundreds of flight hour missions and has been quietly servicing the real estate, agricultural and mining industries, producing maps that are very vital to our clients’ day to day operations.

AeroEye Asia, in partnership with a Geodetics Engineer, also caters to lot owners or individuals who seek assistance in updating their property’s boundaries and updating the lot’s technical description.

AeroEye is currently involved and have been providing consultancy for several developers for their master planning purposes. AeroEye’s drones can cover an area from as small as 1 hectare up to an area as large as 6,500 hectares. Flying at an altitude of less than 150 meters above ground level, to name a few benefits, this assures clients of very high quality vertical imagery for producing Topography maps, contour reports, clearly marking the boundaries, identifying existing infrastructures and counting the number of illegal settlers.



AeroEye Asia Aerial Mapping Team can be deployed within 48 hours and execute aerial mapping work almost immediately since our UAV platform flies below cloud ceiling (up to 1,450m elevation). We are your emergency response team for immediate assessment of critical areas around the Philippines and Asia, especially for storm damage and risk reduction assessments, for planning, repair and construction of new dams and other time critical infrastructure repairs.


List of satisfied clients include Philex Mining (2,100 hectares), FCF Minerals (851 hectares), Omya Minerals (200 hectares), AboitizLand, Inc. (800 hectares), Taganito Mining Corporation (200 hectares), Ayala Land, Inc. (29 hectares) and Del Monte Philippines, Inc. (1,500 hectares).